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Better Lives Today

We are a group of citizens who are civic minded and are dedicated in enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in our community. We are in awe of people in our community who accept and learn from difficulties they are facing or have faced.   They act as a daily reminder that inspire, challenge, and support us in our effort to remain true to ourselves by giving our best to help people in need. This is a case where we can do something positive in our community that will make a difference in the quality of all its citizen’s lives.   We have found our voice in helping the people in this community.   Together we will create a chorus. This community needs your support.   With your support we can have a major impact on key issues, including community revitalization and housing, education, and workforce development.   Support our organization with a commitment to ensure that community needs are met and that help is given to improve the lives of people who need our help.   “We will make a difference in our community one individual at a time.”


Be the doer of good deeds
Put your arm around your brother
and help him with his needs

See my face, I am your sister
I need some faith, it’s true
but feed me first, I’m hungry
Then I can listen to you.

Love me please, I’m human
though mistakes, I’ve made my share
What I need is your compassion,
instead of a condemning stare.

Put your faith to work he said,
Be the doer of good deeds.
For faith requires action
and taking care of needs.

Florence Jarchow
based on James 1:14-26

Photographs courtesy of Bill Warren, Jessica Warren, Sarah Williams, and Judy F. Carson